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We capture all your emotions & feelings in one single shot!

Did you ever wonder when you’re travelling, what it would be like if you could have someone there who could capture all of your adventures; the emotion, the people, the landscapes, the food - all wrapped up in one neat film? It doesn’t just need to be you with your selfie camera! How many photos and videos have you taken in the past that you have never watched again or taken the time to edit? Too many, I’m sure! We organise for all our customers World tours with camera crew Times have changed and you can now have your own camera crew experience with ‘My Movie Travel’ No matter where you are, on holiday, a short break, an adventure of a lifetime, travelling to all corners of the earth, someone can be there to catch the best moments of your adventures. Once you are happy with the materials recorded, we will then masterfully process all of these and add music, of your taste, in our studio to produce a truly original and personalized movie! You will love it so much, you will want to share it on Social Media and watch it time and time again. It will be an incredibly unique memory of your adventures. You can choose to receive your personalized film either by Cloud Transfer or on DVD. We aim to process materials within 5 to 10 days so you can share your memories quickly with friends and family.For us, the most important thing is happiness and we want to help you make memories that will last a lifetime! Life is a movie so play your part! And let ‘My Movie Travel’ reflect “just what you areeeeee” – UNIQUE!

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Our Services

We offer a series of services, starting with personalised trip movies, trip designs, accomodations, activities&entertainment.

Personalised movies

Get a unique opportunity to cherish the memories of your holiday, trip and even travelling by letting our professional filmmakers and travel guides catch the best of moments with a high quality, professional camera. At the end of your trip all the material is processed in our studio, so your amazing experiences, places, people and activities are transformed into one great breathtaking travel film. The company could be formed by you, your family, friends, or people you meet along the way during the trip. Read more about this new concept and book your travel movie now. Hurry up and enjoy the time of your life with guaranteed lifetime memory. My Movie Travel - We Movieling-Traveling!

Local guide & trip designer

We redesigned our classic "guide" concept and transformed that into your new "local friend". This service is a special design for all our customers who need professional customer care services. We offer airport services and train station pick up in a unique and a very comfortable way. Without forgetting, we always have to treat our guests with a small surprise, we love to enchant them with unique welcome pack. They can always feel relaxed, safe and enjoy every single moment with our professional team, from their arrival time until their departure. Discover now how the new "local friend" will refresh your holiday time and don’t hesitate.


Do you need a homestay in Tuscany (Italy), Marrakech (Morocco) or even Krakow (Poland)?Book now directly from one of our offices in Tuscany, Marrakech and Krakow. Being a private property, we are our own administrators and you will not have any problems. We offer great deals for your holidays at the best prices without intermediaries. Homes in Marrakech, Maremma & Florence country side in Krakow which is a beautifully polished country side. Our network is not that enormous but for sure we have the best prices for our customers as we treat them all as our private family members. If you book with us now you are going to avoid all agencies fees and you will get the best deal ever. Please check our accommodations description and prices.

Private Tours

The most reccommended tours & activities we guarantee total satisfaction.


We are happy to share our experiences with you during the past years with our customers. We have a Few photos and films from our tours and local guides all over Europe. Don't hesitate to consult with our team and get your own experience, your own travel movie.