Who I AM?!?

Who I AM?!?

  • ZiYou
  • January 7, 2017

Many times I asked myself “who am I?” especially during my trips, possibly happen to everyone who travels and something trigger in his brain, and start to ask all kind of questions. Mostly that happen when our brain disconnect from our daily life routine and discover new things and see different culture and then as a “self” start to ask itself “who am I? and why I am so different?” but the difference is not on the fact the main one we are rated and organised in the world by categories of “white/black, old/young, irish/chinese, tall/small” etc… the differences are deeply inside each one of us and no matter how much the science or mathematics or systems try to arrange, organise us in such boxes, will never be accurate for the simply reason WE ARE UNIQUE. Well is clear that travels and continuos information we gather during our life it creates our amazing personality and our selves but also changes ourselves every single moment, so I bet can never say (at least for myself) I am the one of yesterday because it wont be true from my point of view. I am ME, the new one, the one of today…the one of NOW and here, and I am ready to show you who I am before you try to find/judge/appreciate/express your own thoughts about WHO you think I AM.

Isn't that beautiful, we got such a gift in this life using the skills of this body to express ourselves towards the others and beings in our environments, communicate and share our thoughts? Are we using this gift to the fullest? Do you think you used your gifts to improve yourself as a human beyond all the barriers and limits that our own society (ourselves) set up? Well I just ask, and spread this word, because I want to share further what I was passing, learning and gather in my life, and it may be useful at some point of your life.

So going back to the main question and trying to be less philosophic but more exact, and easy to understand, Who you think you are? Who you feel you are?

Are you yourself? Are you deeply involved and express what you feel inside? Aren’t you forced/concerned /pushed by so many things around you to do things what you don’t really feel? Well if yes…welcome in this life…now what is left before taking the way of discovering itself, (a very deep hard work ), is the acceptance of what are we doing, and the acceptance of what is going on, and if you are not agree or feel extremely bad with what is happening around you, don’t fight it, just let it be, and find another way for yourself to be in peace and balance with yourself. There you going to find yourself, deeply inside.

You know sounds a bit “teaching” or advisory my post but is just a simple point of view I want to share with you my friends and meanwhile I'll tell you WHO am I!

I am the person who many times before said “heyyy, I have a blog! Go there and follow me, check my travels information” but the only thing I was giving to you, my friend, people I ve been meeting it was a Facebook page (it was my only tool that time), and time took me to the moment to have one (even if I don’t even realise HOW!? It just happen if you can believe me J ), I am the human who traveler many places around the world spreading a personal philosophy about “Happiness” asking people “what is happiness for you” but never reply to this question, I am the person who wakes up in the morning and smile, and be exited that I caught another day of this life, I am the human who had many dreams until one point of my life when I resumed all dreams into a single one (that it was LOVE), and didn’t fulfil, I am the person who rather tells you ugly and straight words instead to make you feel good when you hurt me, I am the person who is looking for continuous balance in it’s life, I am a person who doesn’t want world’s responsability (I mean I m not going looking for it, but let them be and happen and deal with them), I am a person who believe in it’s own light and it can bring a change in this world since the moment I've changed myself and tried to make myself better, I am the person who transform all old dreams into objectives ready to fulfil, but also ready to fail if I m going to do that, I am the human who can be your friend, your dad, your brother, your animal, the wind, the sea, the sun, the water, the evil, the angel, the good and bad, the unknown, the unpredictable, the stars, the help, the air you need to breathe, the philosopher, the "bullshiter", the politician, the monkey, the host, the guide, the rain, the eyes, the connection, the light, the love the everything and anything you could imagine, I am simply just what I want to be…I am MYSELF, an unique product of this universe, a rebel soul who came on earth to fulfil his mission. And I did it because in the end I am…just NOTHING.

And no my question for you, dear friend and people who read this… WHO ARE YOU?

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