What is My Movie Travel?

What is My Movie Travel?

  • John Valentino
  • December 13, 2016

Kind of “HISTORY”

This is the first “Official” post on my new #blog – My Movie Travel – It is hard to start or be enough inspired to know what to write in the beginning but someone, at some point it has to do it. Firstly I want to excuse for the use of English language sometimes not in proper way and I know isn’t 100% perfect because (since I consider myself an International human or simply a “human”) is important to express ourselves the way we feel with all our parts / knowledge / languages we have… and that’s true and I will come back with another post of “WHO AM I!” on the same blog. Well now to give more emphasis to this project called “My Movie Travel” I have to tell you a short story of how everything begun.

Well is obvious from the name is about video/movies etc… as main activity but isn’t only that. I started practically make videos 14 years ago with non professional camera but always loved to record every single moment of my life and a little bit later my travels. More than 1000 videos (if this number says something to you) made so far, changed the initial desire of recording my personal things into a TRAVEL MOVIE… into recording anyone and almost everyone around me…so kind of shooting my own Life movie. Well if this it wasn’t enough to cover my passion for shooting and editing videos, during those years I’ve met persons who were into same passion, ideology and we create together different projects so far as “Un Cuoco da Strada” (check the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/UnCuocoDaStrada ), “Spaghetti on the Road” , “Dawn dives Academy – Lanzarote” , “Happiness around the world” and others… Videos/movies who developed and inspire me to gather all of those knowledge and experiences in a single one project – MY MOVIE TRAVEL –

Some other people, companies, organization tried already and still trying to copy our idea, and not only…but as #Nikola Tesla said “I m not upset with people who stole my ideas…I care that they don’t have any of their own”

To summarize all of those experiences (thing which is so hard to do), it came alive more than 1 year ago the project called – My Movie Travel –


Now we are a small team of “young guys”, with big desire to develop this project and brig it to a new level, inspire further people through their own life experiences while they watch their own movie experience. To inspire them to keep travel and discover new cultures and places, but not only… to take their unforgettable memory recorded and transformed into a cool/original/unique film – into their Movie Travel. You can check some videos of course in our YouTube gallery at https://www.youtube.com/c/MyMovieTravel


Well is unknown the future as many things change, but one thing is sure, is our desire to make this project worth in personal level, not as a big company/multinational level. In personal level this uniqueness and beauty of this project (it also can die as it started) but also it can triumph by it’s originality and quality of doing the things we set up in the beginning. So will look forward to keep this line and don’t think before hand in big projects, and just take it step by step, day by day and be proud of each single moment, video we shoot, edit and especially lived.

Kind of “The end”

As main phrase it says – “Life is a movie, so play your part” and let My Movie Travel to be testimony of your life experiences. Movieling – Traveling – Together.

P.S. - This is not a personal blog and can be access and wrote by anyone who want to share their own travel experiences.

If you comments, suggestions or questions about this article or any other kind related with travel experiences you are welcome to write me at mymovietravel@gmail.com either by facebook page at www.facebook.com/mymovietravel

If you have interesting articles and want to share it please also contact me and I will publish it ASAP on our blog here.