What is LION on the ROAD project?!?

What is LION on the ROAD project?!?

  • Lion
  • May 30, 2018

Lion on the Road project started in March 2018


 Here we have a short description of what the project is and how this reflect into our video work you see on our social media channels. First of all the project is not a Movie, and is not a Vlog, is a documentary Travel Program where the purpose is to release monthly 5 to 10 feature episodes with original content during a 1 year trip all over China. You may also ask WHO does support this project/program- Answer: NO ONE, is just a self produced documentary with the support of our own savings and of course all the love and help of our friends around. Also many people on our trip support our project by offering free accommodation or free food and we always tried to be grateful by doing something special for them in exchange. 

Here is the trailer of the program, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPwTWCIhyFA

They are 3 main objectives to the content of this program:

  1. Show to the western world how amazing the real China is, but also, how challenging it can be to deal with such a different mentality. 
  2. To show China, we as foreigners, can adapt to their society by learning their language, by experiencing their traditions, by trying their food and by living their lifestyles. At the same time we share our international philosophy and ideas, to find that middle point where our cultures can merge. 
  3. To show Lion’s true story - Starting from a personal negative experience in the past, caused by all those cultural differences, now Lion desires to reverse them all into a new positive experience. 

This is Lion on the Road project! Follow it and you wont regret! We have 1 year

And 1 year became 2 in the end:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKoyl8sDXOk&t=55s


If you are passionate about travels, photography, culture and movie making especially you can join our project and learn "on the road" all those skills with our professional team. From all the movie making secrets on the road till the production of a video/ series and post editing you have the chance to learn it all. If you are interested in such project write us an e-mail at mymovietravel@gmail.com or contact us on weChat ID - MyMovieTravel either Facebook - My Movie Travel page


Here are some channels where you could support our trip either by subscribing on our YOUTUBE channel So don't be shy give it a go and support us. Thank you

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