Travel destination: Thailand vs Philippines

Travel destination: Thailand vs Philippines

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  • January 28, 2017

Where to travel? Thailand either Philippines?

During my trips I found many people asking me which was the best place between Thailand and Philippines. I decided then to tell you my subjective point of view consider different factors that could affect your travels. So here we are:

Food: I definitely prefer Thai food - So many delicious and well flavoured dishes (sometimes very spicy) but definitely worthed. From point of view of prices are quiet similar. The kitchen I'd tried in Philippines is quiet simple and modest, and not having to many variety, mostly is based on pork meat, altough very tasty sometimes, I still find it quiet heavy for your liver and stomach and also delicious fresh seafood grilled by the main roads. Thai kitchen with so many herbs and flavours will conquer your mouth first and then your heart definitely. Such as “fresh tropical fruits” they will always fight for the “best” mango, pineapple either other fruits. Still my personal feeling gives credit to Thailand side (probably I had the chance to try more). - (Thailand 1 - Philippines 0)   


Transport: Faster and better connections in Thailand - Although the Thailand train sometimes seems a travel back in time is very cool to give it a go, if not the super fast mini vans will take you all around the country at very cheap price. For example a trip of 300 km ish could cost you 250 bath (7-8 euro 9 $) which I find it quiet reasonable. In Philippines the transport is lot slower (well due to the 7000 islands around) and infrastructure only developed near capital Manila towards north way (norht LUZON)and south connection to Ilo Ilo Island and unique volcalno landscape. The rest of the country is quiet well covered by the airline "CEBU Airlines" and even some reasonable prices. But if you want an adventure on the Php roads just give it a go and take the bus. (no trains) -  so for transport will vote for Thailand - (Thailand 2 - Philipines 0)


Landscapes / Beaches / Nature in general:

As Thailand is more developed let's say and many more touristic places and easier to access (also the On Arrival visa policy very flexible) help a lot to receive a huge number of tourists every year and beating Philippines by far, but as always not a bigger number of tourists bring also nice&clean environment so same places become overused and much more dirty than the climate in Philippines. Even if in Php no much money to maintain/develop the sights that keep a bit more wildness and unique spots to visit. In this point Php won! My heart vote for Philippines - (Thailand 2 - Philippines 1) - Can watch one of my videos in Philippines and understand what I m saying :) -

Money - Currency and power of buying things:

Philippines is slightly cheaper than Thailand. If you want to make shoppings or eat in restaurants you will pay considerably less in Philippines than in Thailand. (Thailand 2 - Philippines 2)

Tourists volume: 

Thailand loads more tourist thing that sometimes can be annoying when you want just to immerge yourself into local spirit. Philippines still developing and growing but slowly (maybe being based on so many islands)is very hard to develop and invest in infrastructure, so as I prefere to see less tourists and more locals I will give this point for Philippines(Thailand 2-Philippines 3)

Hitch Hiking:

In Thailand as they have better and longer roads Hitch Hiking is like a glove for the travelers want to try that. I did probably all country from north to south and the longest wait was 10 minutes in middle of nowhere. Incredible fast and friendly thai people who support my trip, also offering food, drinks and sometimes even a place to sleep. In Philippines was harder, even though I didn’t expect that, and I realise after more than 30 days hitch hiking people didn’t know what exactly means to “hitch hike” they always want to take me to the bus station – ALWAYS – and even pay for me but couldn’t concept the way of getting by car around like hitch hiking. Was probably more of misunderstanding, even if they speak mostly English and Tagalo (the local language) but also I managed doing that even hitch hike 5 boats between the islands (super slow, sometimes want even to swim rather than the boat) but unforgettable experience.So the point goes to Thailand. (Thailand 3 - Philippines 3) -  



Both are same level of safety. Always near Bangkok either Manila you will find dangerous spots and unwanted places to hang around. Avoid them if u can.But probably always by same principle, Thai cities look more mess up probably feel a bit more confused. In Php beside Manila (some areas) I wont even imagine someone can hurt or take advantage of you. so give my point for Php if I have to decide one. (Thailand 3 – Philippines 4 )


In Thailand you have slightly more entertainment for traveler/tourists and not only. Plenty of shows, party islands crazy “full Moon festival” “half moon” and so on. Philippines beside amazing landscapes probably the crazy and active entertainment is missing but don’t worry you won’t miss anything since the nature will be always surrounding you (Thailand 4 - Philippines 4


Well here you have to compare “Buddhism” with “Catholic” even if sometimes in the south of each country is a big influence of “Muslim” which kind of fighting the other 2. Well from experience of extreme of all of them and listen and analise all of them from personal experience  I feel closer to Buddhism philosophy. (Thailand 5 – Philippines 4) 


Law / Police / Authorities:

Both no problems , very flexible sometimes. Unfortunately  I felt more corruption in Philippines things that (depends on which side you are) make things going better and easier but is still quiet unfair for the majority of people. (Thailand 6 – Philippines 4)


Well both are AMAZING great compare to other sides of the world, but consider the lifestyle level, in Philippines I’ve experienced more solidarity than Thailand. People were offering me things that they don’t have, and have no idea how they do that always with an unbeatable smile and love. I’ve got blind love for Php people’s personality. If the world would be at least 1% of how they are here…such an Utopia right?!? (Thailand 6 – Philippines 5)   

Girls / Women 

In case you are looking to hang out or to find a "partner" in one of those two places well, as a single man I wish you good luck. I think the best and easier is to find one partner in Philippines, dont know why, but from personal experience in Thailand girls are much more traditional and shy compare to Philippines where somehow you can make some magic and manage, if not some fun, at least some great friends very easy going. so point to Philippines again. (Thailand 6 - Philippines 6)  

If you have other questions about different aspects or ideas where  I can compare and share with you the experiences in both places please send me a message either don't hesitate to comment on our facebook blog ( ) or update or maybe write your own experience and post it here for free. So even on the paper looks better organized Thailand and fun probably, from my experience, I would rather prefer to return in Philippines one day maybe because still a bit more wild than Thailand and is my actual style. What do you think?  Where do you decide to go? Let me know if you have other points of view either some extra questions always welcome and always here to reply to them.

Safe trips&travels to everyone and remember Is not important the destination where you go, but THE WAY!


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