Grandma's PAELLA day

Grandma's PAELLA day

  • Valentino
  • December 13, 2016

The day you would discover this event for sure you wont forget it for long time in your life. They are many, maybe exaggerate loads of similar events, gatherings but what does this one special? What makes this day worth from the moment you come until the moment you leave? Well as you know are many meetings and events where you are invited such as “international meetings” in different bars/pubs/clubs/restaurants, but sincerely all of those are just a classic way where you going to meet other travelers (which is fine) and support the touristic spots and their activity.

Why we create “Grandma’s Paella DAY”?

Well simply for next few reasons:

  • to eat and to drink in a really local/typical non touristic place which you would never get in if you pass by.
  • To don’t pay loat of money for things that sometimes are just made for tourist and people who doesn’t have a clue about what they eat/drink.
  • To meet our Grandma (tell me a restaurant / place / spot ) where you got so far such kind of opportunity ?
  • To support grandma’s little spot activity and the amazing kitchen shes preparing.
  • To pass an entertainment evening where you don’t go to socialize only with 1-2 persons who happen to be nearby you at the moment you got inside, but to feel the real GROUP spirit, the united international group who’s having fun together and where everyone, (attention I say everyone) has the chance to meet/talk/socialize with everyone.
  • To listen live music and laugh as much as possible.
  • To pass an unforgettable evening together with all group walking for a free night tour which can be voted by majority of persons. And here you can choose either to visit some spots and chill out outside having more drinks and fun, either to go into an underground pub/bar/club where you going to listen live music, not commercial such as Funk, Jazz, Afrobeat, Balkan, Latin cumbia, Jam session, Brazilian and many other kinds.
  • Make improvised activities/fun together, as we always lead ourselves by intuition and fun, and for sure something will show up at some point that will mark your holiday, trip, time in this amazing city.
  • To be part of the 400+ group, who had been so far testimony to our event. Their participation and feedbacks you can simply read them online everywhere.

Well if those reasons didn’t convinced you, no need to wonder to much, just follow your feelings, in the end this is marketing and of course everyone will try to promote and support it’s own activity, but we just recommend you to Let it BE and go with your feelings. If you want an unforgettable experience in such a rush big city, this is one of them. We are waiting for you with open heart and of course with a big big table full of fresh tasty products.

I leave you here a repost from one of our guests (who accidentally or not) is a travel blogger Wandy and gave us a rating afterwards.


I’ll set the scene for you. I’m in the bar of my hostel, and it’s my first night in Barcelona. As the time passes and the chatter and laughs become louder I begin to panic – how will I spend my night in this big city? I went on to couchsurfing – my first time by the way! And found a few events that tickled my fancy. One particularly stood out as it was called Grandma Paella Party. Knowing me you’ll know that it could have said any word on either side of ‘paella’ and I would have been there!

I whatsapped the organiser at 6.30pm (event started at 8pm) and asked if I could still join; he sent me a welcoming voice note and told me of meet him in front of Poble Sec station. I never like to make my ‘what to do’ posts too long so I’ll try to summarise it for you! We ate yummy homemade tapas and paella, had sangria, laughed a lot, saw an amazing live music jam session in an underground bar – all for 20€. Aside from that I really enjoyed getting to know the people from the night and one I went on to hang out with the next day. The host was lovely and really made people come out of their shell.

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