Discover the Ghost city in China - Travel in Ordos - Documentary 2020

Discover the Ghost city in China - Travel in Ordos - Documentary 2020

  • Lion
  • October 22, 2019

ORDOS 2020 - The ghost city of China - Documentary report

Is it the city abandon that everyone said

Ordos, the ghost city in China, we went to discover all the stories and testimony if all those rumours are true. Incredible shootings by drone and camera in Ordos 100 project area, and situations we faced while in there you must watch it. Check it out Ordos - Kangbashi and the real story of the "ghost city" until 2019. #ordos #ghostcity #china #ordos100

Is it the city abandon that everyone said, let’s walk around the city, and have a look!

ORDOS-KangBaShi district, a new city planned to host over 1 million people in 2003, together with “ORDOS 100” project designed in 2008 which suppose to be an American suburbia and avant-garde architectural district at that time only 20.000 people were living in here since 2015 when Pekin university and Baidu offices decided to work remotely from here the activity and population increased reaching nowadays 200.000 but still far from the initial aim. The prices in the new district are very high and unreasonable for the location, It seems to me, this city “will grow old”! If one day will reach the peak then would be a pity and a waste for all the facilities and beautiful designs who stand here for over 2 decades, serving only the sunrises and sunsets. After talking with locals the town across the bridge Ejin Horo is cheaper but still with a low occupancy house prices in Ejin Horo can be around 100.000$ for 160 square m apartment while in Kangbashi (just 5 minutes away) price would be 2-3 times more expensive, all architecture seems to be western style, very clean and organised. The basic hotel prices, nothing cheaper than 90 RMB/night. And websites such Airbnb, nothing cheaper than 200 RMB/night. I spent 1 night sleeping inside the ATM because of “SPECIAL” foreign policy. Practically we are not allowed to stay in certain kind of hotels under 4 stars luckily, I had an angel who came and saved me offer me a warm home and a bed for two nights. A local lady who works for chinese local media newspaper. 

Many buildings including the mall we been visiting is 80% empty inside, 2 big and quite expensive restaurants in the actual “food court", The “fried rice” costs more than 30 RMB same as Beijing Shanghai we try to get some food look what we found: (Check out our movie)

This is how “KangBaShi” looks like in early 2019 As personal prediction in 5 more yearsThis place will forget “the Ghost city” nick name and become a strong economic power in central of Inner Mongolia Region what it supposed to be when it was designed, If this process fails most of people will move to bigger cities which are already developed and cheaper living cost

Look at this beautiful light show on the museum library and opera house facade Their design and position makes us to feel a step ahead, into a bright future.

Officials in coal-rich Inner Mongolia announced plans for a city of 1 million people in the parched desert and grasslands south of Ordos Dongsheng in 2003. Six years later the part-built development of Ordos Kangbashi became notorious around the world as a “ghost city”, as news reports highlighted the lack of people, around about 30,000 at the time. Images showed a vast central public space – almost the size of Tiananmen Square in Beijing – and rows of identical empty apartment blocks. There are signs the city has started to fill up. A 2017 report from the state-run Xinhua news agency claimed a permanent population of 153,000, with almost 5,000 active businesses. Wade Shepard, author of The Ghost Cities of China, believes that by the city’s expected completion date of 2023 it should have met its revised population target of 300,000 people. “It regularly takes western cities five to 10 years to build civil engineering projects such as new subway lines,” he points out. “Ordos Kangbashi probably should have impressed the world with its rapid pace of development.”

So as a conclusion, Ordos - KangBaShi,  it’s a place built to maintain and promote the rich life of the future Chinese generations and Chinese growth, a great option for countryside dreamers who want to move into a big modern city, Let’s give it a credit and see you in 5 years.

Ijin Horo

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Ordos train station


鄂尔多斯,2019,著名的鬼城,我们来了 像所有人说的那样,这是座被遗弃的城市吗? 让我们转一圈看看. 

在2013年,鄂尔多斯-康巴什,还是个准备容纳100万人口的新区 一起与2008年设计的项目“鄂尔多斯100” 按计划要发展成美国郊区的形象 有前卫的建筑区域 那时候仅有两万人居住在此 从2015年起,北京大学和百度公司 决定迁移至此远程办公 城市活跃度及人口不断增加 目前达到20万左右,但仍远未到达最初目标. 新区物价非常高, 在这样的地理位置显得很不合理

在我看来,这座城市“将会老化”!如果某天达到顶峰, 那或许会是一种遗憾与浪费因为这里有很多设施和美丽的设计二十多年来只为日出和日落服务 和本地人聊天后得知,桥的对岸 伊金霍洛旗的物价更低 约60万人民币就能买到160平米的公寓 而在5分钟车程远的康巴什新区,价格翻了两三倍这 里所有建筑几乎都是西式风格,非常干净,规划整齐. 普通酒店的价格,每晚不低于90元人民币 住宿网站如爱比迎,每晚不低于200人民币 我在银行柜员机旁休息了一晚,因为“特有的”外来规定 不允许入住四星级以下的酒店 幸运的是,有个天使打救了我 给我两晚温暖的家和一铺床

很多大楼包括我们去的商场里,80%都是空的 商场里的“美食区”有两家又大又贵的餐厅 一份炒饭超过30人民币,比得上北京上海了 我们尝试找点吃的,看我们找到什么 这是图片,饼干,饼干图片 这是一个超大的美食广场

这就是当今2019年的康巴什, 个人猜测,5年内 “鬼城”的别名就会被人遗忘它会成为内蒙古中部的强大经济体 像预先计划的那样 如果这个计划失败了,人们会搬到大城市 城市已经发展起来,生活成本更低 看博物馆、图书馆和歌剧院上的灯光秀 城市的设计和定位,引领者我们进入更光明的未来

总之,鄂尔多斯-康巴什是一个 保持和促进中国未来几代人富足、及人口增产的地方 对想住进大城市的乡村追梦人,无疑是件好事. 让我们打个赌,5年后见  在这里,我们被邀请到一个小村庄 - 折家梁

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