Discover BANGKOK for a short stay

Discover BANGKOK for a short stay

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  • January 24, 2017

DISCOVER BANGKOK for short stay

First time in Thailand? If yes for sure some things here will help you get out of some small troubles, if not still you may found out new things you weren’t aware about it.
















AIRPORT ARRIVAL – Visa on arrival

As you probably heard/know Thailand gives Visa on arrival in mostly all international airports and overland cross borders as well. To be ready and don’t lose time at the “check out” at the airport I recommend you to follow next steps.

  • Prepare already from home 3-4 photos of 4x6 passport size (you may use the other ones for other visas in case you travel across Thailand ) and like that you won’t need to search for a photo machine in the airport. Well in case you don’t have those you will become friend with those machines which are waiting for you to smile and grab a photo.
  • Change a small / little amount of money (dollars, euro, pounds etc) into local money (I recommend maximum 50 because the exchange is quiet bad in the airport) well is normal that.
  • Tax for visa is 1000 BHT but you have to wait a loooooong queue maybe up to 2 hours sometimes so I definitely recommend to prepare 200 extra Thai bath and get the “emergency” line which in 5 minutes will be ready.
  • After you filled in the visa form with all your data (oh by the way bring a pen with you)that will make it faster for sure, just proceed to the office and remember to prove your departure date out of Thailand (it has to be within 15 or 30 days)depends on your country and smile… download form for Visa on arrival in Thailand on this link (together with all other details you may wanna know) -
  • Congratulation you are done, after 5 minutes they will handle you the visa throughout same office on backdoor. Since there just a simple passport check in and you are IN





Welcome to Thailand – in Bangkok.

From airport I recommend you to take the sky train till center where you can take taxi, tuk tuk or motorbike for different locations, depends where you have the hotel/hostel/Airbnb. I have a recommendation for you as stay if you go to Bangkok (check our website accommodation in Jin’s home, a local guy with perfect spot and well rated as quality / price.

In any case you take a taxi, motorbike or other transport DO NOT ASK “ HOW MUCH?” that is first mistake to take you and ask you for horrible prices which maybe for you still affordable but not the right one consider the local market. Just jump in the taxi and say the address and say “PUT THE TAXI METER PLEASE" if they refuse to do that you get off and take another one. Usually prices are ok and for shorter ride you may pay minimum 20 bath up till 40. Also they have a local UBER called GRAB (you can download the app from online store and order one - it would be lot more cheap and very nice service same as taxi.


Mango made in Thailand

For MONEY EXCHANGE in Bangkok - I discovered a very nice place which is in BOABAE MARKET (boat stop), and they offer you the best rates ever. Is a guy hidden inside one old shopping street where they sell textiles and fruits. Here leave you the address 1216 Soi Phuchong, Khwaeng Klong Maha Nak, Khet Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100 ( google ) check the location. In same place you will find very fresh and suuuuuuperrrr cheap fruits. Delicious Mangos with 30Bath/kg, Pineapple 15 bath/kg and all kind of exotic fruits. You just give it a go and you can take away with you if you are a fruit lover. –

To visit – well I’m not a fan of touristic visits in the cities as you know but of course everyone would go to “Kao shan” road and surroundings, visit the presidential center and park, night market etc. I base more my travels on experience with people which are lot more worth than touristic things. From my experience (if you go in the next 70 days) I recommend you a FREE HAIRCUT in front of the presidential center, where mr. Sahat Sawat and Lek will cut your hair for free. Amazing to understand but since is a national mourning (100 days for the death of the King of Thailand) they decided to take those actions and be very nice to people.

At almost every corner of the city you would find people offer free food, water and sometimes even transport. Oh and talking about transport I recommend you another experience, and you may love it, take the “local transport" the boat/express which runs every 5-10 minutes during the day from central area till the outsides of the city. The price is 07 - 15 baths ish and is quiet fast. As experience you will never forget it. Pay always attention on the station where you wanna get off because no one says or announce what’s the next station. If you are not sure just get a offline map with you like for example and that would be helpful. Also better stick somewhere in the middle of the boat like this the water and waves made by other boats won’t spread all over you clothes and face (it isn’t the cleanest water I’ve seen so far).

Food – well I recommend you any of the street food you find on your way but a specific and very local taste and fresh you can try this place in Phrom Phong BTS station, Soi Sukhumvit 37 (Alley) right on the corner “Im-CHAN” – is properly amazing. You can try anything especially the TOMYUM GUM. They have a menu also in English and mostly with photos. You can pick whatever looks more interesting to you. Also remember to “set up” the spicy level otherwise you may have some surprise when your mouth will be on fire. Generally this place gets overcrowded and you have to wait a little bit until your order would be made and served. Also remember to go always BEFORE 10pm because they close the kitchen that time and won’t serve anymore food. Prices for food will be starting around 50 BHT and end up around 200 (depends what you order). A PadThai noodles for example costs 70 Bath, TomYumGum – 100 bath, Water – 10 bath and so on. Like that you can organize your budget before dining here.

Shopping – Also same area of Kao Shan road. Also quiet expensive shops and overpriced restaurants and you don’t get the real feeling of the local people.

Not convenient things I can tell for example not taking the card for Metro which is not useful for the BTS (the other kind of fast transport in town) since they are different companies so you would pay some money won’t worth.

The trains going out from the main station HUA LAMPONG are very interesting and if you don’t get one you MUST visit the station if you won’t go to other city overland in Thailand. Usually the trains are super slow and cheap but so slow that you rather hitch hike I would say.


Well this is it about Bangkok as experience, you may have the chance to meet locals and other people living in there by using CouchSurfing ( Hangouts app or the website, or simply get immerged yourself into the crowd (you definitely will have where to get lost)

Per total I recommend Bangkok as a exchange / transfer place to be but not a destination to spend more than 2-3 days at maximum. Good luck and let me know if you have some more suggestions for me or experiences worth in this crazy Bangkok.


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