Barcelona - Top 11 places to eat

Barcelona - Top 11 places to eat

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  • December 14, 2017

TOP 11 Best places to eat in Barcelona / Where to eat in Barcelona and don't spend a lot of money? Well I have the answer, I have my top 11 which going to make you feel as an insider into Barcelona's culinary world.

            While wondering around this city for more than 5 years (in total) with my in’s and out’s of course I had the chance to taste and experience than recommend several places where to eat or drink. Barcelona as international city (I call it the European New York) it has a wide culinary variety and also very top ranked kitchen world wide, but in this post I wont talk about this kind of spots because, as I consider myself, I m a simple person who likes always to have delicious food after doing 2 food programs on the road, but never pay to expensive for it. Let’s say I’ve been looking for the fair balance between quality-service-price. And resuming so my intro, I will propose you the top 11 (not 10 like in the most rankings) of best places to eat in Barcelona (if you were a local).


I would start with the top.


11.  “La bella Napoli” Italian restaurant located in Carrer de Margarit 12-14, next to Poble sec metro station.  As many italian restaurants they have all classic food but I love this place for 2 reasons. One is their pizza is AMAZING, I recommend you to really try the “Sophia Lauren” pizza, and the second is the Tiramisu, a home made huge portion perfect to leave your brain in the clouds for a while.  The price for those 2 things (in case u order would reach somewhere 18 euros ) which is not cheap but is enough if u are not very greedy person. For a entire menu you may end up paying around 30-35 euros/person. It has no website. 


10.  ”Kenko” – Peruvian restaurant located in Calabria 280, What is so special about this restaurant well… I tell you the secret, as you know many Peruvian restuarants become very trendy and quiet expensive (especially here in Barcelona) so is difficult to find good one at reasonable price, well Kenko restaurant offer during the weekdays (attention not in weekends) a great menu for only 10-11 euros with A LOT of delicious food. I would always recommend their “aguancaina potatos” and the “mixt ceviche” but all other dishes are just amazing. The place is very small, tight and not a 5 star service (which doesn’t matter) if you just want to go have a short good and especially cheap lunch. It has no website


9. 9Nine”  - let’s give the 9 to the 9th position why not? Located in Carrer de Valencia 334 (not far from Gaudi’s Batllo house), 9Nine restaurant is a very modern looking place with most of the people smart dresses but again with an unbeatable menu price for mid day time. Probably around 16euros/person you may have very big portions and delicious food and if you take the “gourmet” menu also for 27 euros you can get even more. I still would stick with the 16 euros menu which was more than I could handle. They have a huge variety of wines. The service sometimes is slow and you have to wait if you want to get a table. Is normal in such busy times. Give it a go to 9Nine but go before 9….PM of course. It has no website.


8. “Iguazu” -  you want some great stake house? Well this is not a stake house but is an Argentinian restaurant, simple and very cheap. Delicious meat cooked perfectly, with home made “chimichuri” sauce and “criolla” sauce, in price range of 10-12 euros, and also they serve combos for 3-4 pax a huge barbecue in good company of Argentinian wine. Well this is not to loose for sure if you are a meat lover. In street l’Almirall Cervera 4. It has no website.


7. “Rincon de Galicia” – or the “grandma’s tapas bar”, it is a really unknown place for tourist especially because is hidden from all the media and marketing websites. This is a tapas bar where locals eat for more than 40 years, when the actual grandma Mari-Carmen and Jesus open this bar. They are still working here and is great to see them still put so much love and knowledge in their dishes. This place is super famous locally for the classic Galician dish “Cocido Gallego” which is made once every week on Fridays. This is a blast of a dish I usually have to share it to finish it. Beside that all their tapas are home made but classic, the jam, the corquetas, tortilla (veggie and classic), some weird things as well such the snails or half lamb head are a challenge for most of foreigners to try it. They are usually very quiet place, with their daily routine and slow rhythm, but even if they don’t speak English you will love to communicate and ask for some dishes. Don’t forget to try the house wine for only 1 euro the glass (AMAZING). As deserts I will always recommend if you are luck the milky rice or the home made pudding. Well this place it may make you feel a bit back in time and also back in time …at home. In street Manso number 4 you will find this secret place rated on 7th position in my top. There is no website for this place you just have to write it in google the address MANSO 4 Barcelona.


6. “Flax & Kale” -  you look for vegetarian restaurant or vegan why not or maybe gluten free or FLEXITARIAN? Well they are quiet a bunch in Barcelona but none of them with the quality of this one. Flax & Kale, beside being world wide rating one of the best , modern and healthy kitchen, in reality just trying it you will confirm this add. Well is not that cheap either….but not that expensive that you could feel robed as they do many places in Rambla de Barcelona for example, so you will definitely pay for the quality but since I know vegetarian or vegan food is not that easy to find it in good quality or creative arrangements, here is the place where you find it all in my opinion. You may spend around 20-30 euros for a meal…but a very good meal… and a personal favourite is the beetroot juice and gluten free heart ravioli. Just goodness flavours. Right in city centre in street Tallers 74b

5. “Viana” – a very small gem in heart of Barcelona just next to famous plaza Real, in carrer del Vidre 7, Viana is one of the places where you are treated very nice and have very delicious food without leave your salary there. The strong point is to be such a good place in such central area is very difficult to filter or find them. A top touch is the tempura octopus dish, the rolls and their home cocktail with blackberries. The staff is super friendly and talkative and you will never get bored inside the little gem.

4. “Arume” -  as used to be my number 1 during 1.5 years, but as always new places and new people move around so we keep update. This is one of the “classic” top restaurants in Barcelona, with a chef who participate also to MasterChef program, and a menu (which in my opinion) it was great before they changed it… Arume is still Arume. Very friendly staff, delicious food, and here I will mention probably my BEST EVER BEEF TARTAR, I ever tried in my life so far…I sometimes do double portion because is so delicious I can’t stop eating it, also the duck paella and normal one are very nice and deserts the chocolate mouse incredible. I love this place personally and I am happy to go back 1 time each month. The restaurant address is Carrer d‘en Botella number 11-13, in Raval district, and if you are not lucky and are there already just across the street 10meters before you have a cool cheap empanadas place called Pizza L’Avia where Mr monster Mario chef will receive you and tell you stories of his life and his knowledge. Not bad to give it a go as well. - (a short video reference about the experience in this restaurant)


3. “Tucco Real Food”  - in street Codols 27, in Gothic district, is probably the cheapest great food I had in Barcelona. Is a simple place with a very nice way to choose the menu or dishes, with enough variety for vegetarians or normal people, and with an amazing cost within 10 euros 1 menu where you going to feel just GREAT. The strong points of this place are delicious empanadas, home made pasta, huge portion (well good enough if you are very hungry), drink included and an amazing desert which is my favourite the classic “caramel cake” is just WOW…you can’t stand it only once. Well Tucco is a hidden gem for most of the tourists and is moving just by the word of mouth and honestly is that place where I would like to eat 2-3 times/week and still don’t waste my salary.

2. “La Mundana” – a bit unknown now days still…with a great kitchen and quality of product, nice service (although in English sometimes had some bariers), Mundana restaurant located near Sants train station more exactly in street Vallespir 93, they offer some kind of new kitchen, a bit redesigned dishes and full of flavour tapas. I recommend to try their Bravas potatos, and the tuna tartar is spectacular. The place is small, cosy, urban style, clean and fair prices. You can get out of here by paying maximum 30 euros/person and you will be very satisfy. Contact web and reservations on their website

1. “Abanik Bar” – well is not maybe a surprise to be Abanik Bar the number one but trying so many places all over Barcelona, and not only, this Bar offer me the feeling of Home, not from taste point of view but from the approach and atmosphere. This place is something else, is a fusion tapas kitchen, not big variety but enough for 1 night out or 2, with my own favourites and not, and I will put here my top 3 dishes you should try if go here: Greendu Salmon (green curry salmon), Risotto with demential flavour of truffles and mushrooms and Vietnamese rolls, (Rolling Rolls called) very fresh and light especially towards the end of the dinner. Why number 1 for me? Well is not simple but after naming so many places, and so many great points in each, I could say I found all of those characteristics in only one place. In Abanik Bar what I loved beside the great-moderated priced food (well under 10 euros every dish) is the cocktails and Gin&Tonics which make the difference. I could drink 2-3 cocktails of very high standards and go home happily, as last touch it was the staff and the same owner who attended me and recommend/explain and ask for feedbacks at every single dish. An average price for this place would be 20-25 euros if you eat well and drink cocktails. Of course the price will drop if you drink water or beer. The address is in Calabria street 209. Is very likely to don’t find spots here so better to book ahead on their website

    Well this is my general opinion about the best places to eat in Barcelona, where you wont spend your life or not even your salary, and you will have a great experience. You will have different touch in each one of them, you will have a great time and especially a great food. I don’t want to push to much and imbue your taste and imagination so just make your own decision what kind of place will be more suitable for you and give it a go. If you have comments, adds or other recommendation where to go to eat in Barcelona send it to me and I will check it out or publish and will try it together.